I studied in Warsaw: Academy of Fine Arts, School of the Opera, National Dance Conservatory. I then worked in various countries, first in Poland, then Malaysia, Russia, the USA, Tunisia, Spain, Portugal, and finally Strasbourg where I have been for 15 years.

And always, my artistic activity involved both dancing and painting. Today still, my view is that these two fields of expression complement each other; their contrast enriches my thoughts on the artistic gesture. In my work, the pictorial material and the dancing body feed one another, and the plastic act becomes the metaphor of the living movement.

I believe I am a good example of a cross-border creator-nomad: everything encouraged me to it, my region of origin, East of Poland on the Russian border, my own family, bicultural and bilingual, and since I was ten, artistic trips for the shows of the School of the Opera, then, as a dancer, being on tour, for ballet, contemporary dance, and also, more personally, for exhibitions as a painter, as a visual artist; this is why all these successive transitions and a certain “transversality” can be found in my artistic creations. “Transversality”…

By that, I mean a symbolic network, relatively structured and stable, constituted like a sort of “bath of senses” where meanings, references, values, myths and internal and external symbols mingle. My life takes the weight of the experience of this existentiality, and shapes ways to see, ways to place oneself, ways to interpret, ways to listen or to “lend some sense”.